Why choose Betonella®? Because it is not only an extremely high-performing paving element, but it is manufactured and marketed by a company that has made reliability its banner, basing its reputation and its success on it.

Betonella® is:

  • Durable withstands loads, oils, fuels, anti-freeze chloride and salts
  • Versatile offers a wide range of shapes, colours and finishes
  • Adaptable adapts to any type of terrain
  • Eco-sustainable demands few resources for its manufacture, maintenance and demolition
  • Draining allows rain water to reach the underlying ground
  • Restorable easy to remove and replace in case of excavations or other road works
  • Advantageous the costs/benefits ratio is largely positive
  • Certified Quality System Certification and Product Certification are the feathers in its cap


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