Betonella® = Interlocking block
Betonella is a registered trademark that identifies concrete products for external paving produced by Gruppo Industriale Srl Tegolaia only.
    industrial areas subjected to exceptional loads. Storage containers. Runways aircraft taxiing.

    heavy trucks traffic at speeds below 30 km / h, urban roads affected by heavy traffic, industrial areas of storage and handling of goods.

    slow vehicular traffic with overall loads of up to 30 axle, access roads to residential areas, car parks, occasional traffic of service vehicles, roads with medium traffic, petrol stations.

    slow traffic of passenger cars, backyards of private homes.

    bike paths and shopping areas traversed by carts, slides for the handicapped.

    parking areas for parking cars.

    Sidewalks, buildings surrounding areas, paths in parks, poolsides, pedestrian squares.


All paving of Betonella® line are Double Layer, a technology that consists of two different concrete mixtures:

  • - The lower layer, made of sand and crushed stone, which makes the structure of the blocks robust and suitable for any type of loading ;
  • - The top layer, made with finer sands and colored pigments, which gives a high aesthetic feature to the product.
The end result is a very durable , colorful and perfectly Interlocking product.
BETONELLA® FUTURA (Photo-catalytic ∗)

Interlocking block containing a TX Active® principle patented by Italcementi, able to obtain a NOx pollutants reduction effect of at least 60%.
The combined action of light and of the active principle TX Active® decomposes pollutants produced by human activities (factories, traffic, domestic heating) giving a better air quality.
Surfaces made with TX Active® are brighter, cleaner and marked by an aesthetic quality that lasts over time.
Recent tests carried out at the University of Ghent (Belgium) have shown that photo- catalytic surfaces made with the products based on TX Active® are able to decompose the microorganisms which attack the surfaces, inhibiting the deposit and the proliferation of algae and preventing their consequent deterioration. (∗from technical information documents published by Italcementi).

BETONELLA® CORSO® (Hammered Finishing)

Corso® paving blocks have a hammered surface finish, obtained with an original process patented worldwide, which gives the product the appearance of natural stone.
The surface layer is produced with precious minerals, marble, granite, basalt and quartz stones of different colors and high hardness.
The surface of each block is hammered, that is scratched, thus making the natural colors of the minerals used emerge to the surface, with a very particular and refined aesthetic yield.
The accentuated roughness of the surface increases the Corso® anti-slip effect, an important feature especially in the presence of heavy rainfall.


Surface finish that gives this product the charm of the ancient hand-crafted stone, the shapes and colors of old paving.
The blocks are subjected to an antique look treatment which smoothens the original sharp edge recreating the effects of the passage of time, thus making each element unique.


Double-layer finish in which the surface of the block is manufactured using high-quality and over time durable inorganic pigments combined with an uneven appearance typical of cleft stones or stones processed according to the ancient technique of quarry craftsmen.


Double-layer finish in which the surface part is made with quartz sands.
Quartz is a very high hardness, crystalline light color mineral which makes the block surface even more resistant to wear and, at the same time, enhances its colors.


Double-layer finish in which the surface of the block is made using high quality and durable inorganic pigments. It has a smooth and uniform look, maintaining the anti-slip characteristics and resistance typical of the self-locking paving.


The draining, pedestrian or vehicular traffic paving, allows the passage of rainwater through the paved surface.
They allow for the drastic reduction of surface running water and a better quality of infiltrated water in comparison with the water washed away from tarmac paving or cast concrete.

The Draining line includes:

  • - The type with enlarged joints (Gransasso, Betoneco), which allows water to drain through the spaces between the different elements realized thanks to much larger spacers which broaden the joints;
  • - Particular shape draining blocks (Drainbox), in which drainage water takes place through holes or spaces obtained thanks to the particular design and laying of the blocks;
  • - The filtering type (Filterboxes, Farnese Filter, Ancient Basaltina Filter), in which the drainage takes place through the body of the block itself, which is made of water-permeable concrete, thanks to its porosity formed by interconnected cavities.

An ecological, tested system used to create large green areas, intended for pedestrian or parking areas, a perfect integration between concrete paving and lawn.
The concrete elements are completely covered with grass, the paved areas, therefore, appear as a green lawn. Among the advantages, a better control of soil erosion caused by rainfalls, faster water drainage in the soil and therefore a smaller influx of initial rain water full of pollutant particles.

7 good reasons to choose Betonella®:
  • CONVENIENT: advantageous because it lasts a long time with low maintenance costs and can be removed and replaced with great ease.
  • SAFE: it gives footpath surfaces non-slip characteristics and, thanks to its permeability, makes walking safe even when it rains.
  • RESISTANT: It is resistant both to concentrated loads and the forces generated by heavy vehicles during maneuvers. It relieves the stress of the substrate, reducing sagging and deformations.
  • CORROSION PROOF: Excellent resistance to oils and fuels, chlorides and de-icing salts.
  • DESIGN: Extraordinary both in modern homes and for the renovation of squares, villages, villas, in any type of architectural environment.
  • DUCTILE: Adaptable to any type of land, it offers a viable alternative to stone, tarmac or casting concrete paving projects.
  • VERSATILE: It offers a wide range of shapes and colors which allow different architectural compositions, in tune with all types of landscaping and environmental contexts.


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