The use of Betonella® draining paving blocks in the paving of roads and the covering of large surfaces is becoming a compulsory choice mainly for two reasons:

1 – protection of rainwater, considering the reduced average rainfall at our latitudes;

2 – management of the territory from the water system viewpoint, since the prevalent climatic changes imply massive quantities of rainwater falling, concentrated in a short time span.

Therefore, whether getting rainwater to flow along pre-established ducts or getting it to disperse as uniformly as possible is required, it is necessary to opt for a permeable type of paving that will allow water to filter through.

As opposed to draining asphalt, which contains polluting agents that easily filter through the ground to the water table, Betonella® is eco-compatible, releasing no harmful substances into the environment.

From the point of view of road safety as well, by letting water filter through, the concrete self-locking paving block prevents puddles or rivulets from forming and impairing the road-holding properties of 2 or 4-wheel vehicles and from creating difficulties for pedestrians.

In-depth considerations on the draining capability of modular concrete paving block solutions


Advantages of the Betonella® draining paving blocks:

  • management of rainwater
  • eco-compatibility
  • road safety


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