This is such a successful product that the trade name registered by Tegolaia, by now frequently used illegally, has become synonymous with “concrete self-locking paving block”.

Paving with Betonella® is, nowadays more than ever, an enlightened choice under many aspects:

Environmental sustainability

In this era of climatic change, with heavy rains falling in a relatively short time over a territory that is no longer able to absorb or drain water, it is necessary to re-think the materials used to pave roads, courtyards and platforms.

Paving with Betonella® solves the waterproofing problem posed by the traditional vehicle and pedestrian paving, which allows rainwater to reach the ground where it falls and, should this already be soaked, to flow underneath it.

Furthermore, water filtered by paving blocks remains unpolluted since it has absorbed none of the polluting substances released by asphalt.

Aestethic integration

The range of shapes and colors in which Betonella is presented allows its use in the most diverse ways, integrating with the features of the building or urban environment in which it gets set.

Furthermore it is perfectly suitable for decorative or functional compositions that can turn ordinary paving into a sort of mosaic in one instance, or into horizontal road signs in another.

It must be emphasised that meticulously careful laying of paving blocks is fundamental for the final aesthetic outcome.

Economic convenience

The comparison between costs to be sustained for paving with Betonella and the benefits deriving from it, highlights how it turns out to be among the best products available, in both the public and private sectors.

Betonella® in fact, compared to other types of paving, offers undeniable advantages in terms of durability through time and a minimum demand for maintenance. This paving solution assures:

  • Resistance to wear and freezing
  • Non-deformability, even under heavy and concentrated loads
  • Easy and speedy repairs

As opposed to bituminous conglomerates, Betonella®

  • Assures drainage
  • Allows excavating with swift replacing of paving and with most of the material removed getting re-utilised
  • A waterproof slab floor is unnecessary
  • Available in different shapes, sizes, pigmentations and finishes
  • There is no increase in the average environmental temperature or the level of harmful dusts
Provides road safety

Using Betonella for road paving efficiently accomplishes the “traffic calming” function, i.e. reducing the level of traffic and the harmful effects it implies.

In fact, with planning capable of exploiting the differences in colour and finish available, the approach to crossroads, cycle lanes, pedestrian crossings, etc. can be brought to the drivers’ attention, with a considerable reduction of the risks of accidents.


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